Fishing Lessons

The salmon were jumping and the grizzly bears at Katmai National Park were hungry. The bears at Katmai converge on the Brooks River and falls in July at the peak of the sockeye salmon run. A sow with her family of cubs has to be constantly looking for fishing opportunities. Just after sunrise I spotted one bear family searching for salmon along a sand bar at the beach of Naknek lake.     


Searching for a Fishing Spot

Searching for a Fishing Spot

A splash made by a nearby salmon jumping out of the water will attract their attention.         


Salmon Alert

Salmon Alert

Mama bear has the responsibility to teach her cubs how to catch salmon. She wades out into the waters, somtimes standing on her hind legs for a better view, and dives for a nearby salmon. Here she catches one and teaches by example.            

Fishing Lesson

Fishing Lesson

Mama bear then hustles the prize to a safe and unexposed location where she and her cubs can enjoy the feast. Click on this short 25 second video:  



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~ by richardseeley on September 3, 2010.

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