Lapping Lioness

We could not believe our luck! My photography buddy, Bob, was dreaming of getting an image of a lion drinking at a pool of water. A lioness, thirsty after lunching on a gazelle, wandered around and between 4 safari vehicles (including ours) to get to water. The water was just a small pool that had collected in the tire ruts of the vehicles. The lioness started drinking the water not more than 20 feet away, facing our cameras! Bob’s dream was coming true, and fortunately the rest of us were able to share in that dream.

Lapping Lioness

Lapping Lioness

The Lapping Lioness image that you are seeing is called a Cinemagraph. It is a still photograph that has moving parts. The term and technique were created by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg, fashion photographers. I have created one here to capture this exciting event.

Click on the image if there is no movement in the picture.

~ by richardseeley on January 5, 2012.

5 Responses to “Lapping Lioness”

  1. Beautiful; exciting technique…you got to show mw how!


  2. Pretty funny and unique.


  3. I was thinking first about GIF. Any How To’s of the Cinemagraph?


  4. extraordinaire. Quelle merveilleuse technique !!!


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