Where Is Spring?

Where is Spring?

Where is Spring?


May 11, 2014 and it was snowing hard in Silverthorne, Colorado, high in the Rocky Mountains. I had so much computer work to do that I welcomed the excuse to stay in and get working. After a cup of coffee, I came to my senses and realized this could be a great opportunity to capture something special. So I packed my gear and headed out to my favorite bird location at the Blue River Waste Water Treatment pond. The birds, ducks and geese love this place. It never freezes and has plenty of nutrients to keep them all fed. I drove up and could hardly see the pond. I stepped out, walked to the pond edge with camera ready when a Canada goose took flight. I followed it through my lens and then fired a rapid burst. I thought for sure that the snowfall would ruin the focus. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. You be the judge!

I think that this Canada Goose was wondering if it returned to Summit County, Colorado too early for Spring.


Published on the front cover of the Summit Daily News.

~ by richardseeley on May 25, 2014.

One Response to “Where Is Spring?”

  1. I was thinking you would have gone skiing instead but photography won out.
    Congratulations on the cover shot, pretty neat!
    Rod Furgason


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