Mountain Bluebirds

Breakfast Bug


A dedicated birder and wonderful person by the name of Bonnie Baker is responsible for the placement of nearly 100 bluebird birdhouses around Lake Dillon in Summit County, Colorado.  My quest to photography bluebirds started late in the season and  I was very fortunate to stumble on the last 2 occupied birdhouses for the season. I took advantage of this discovery and hiked to the locations with my heavy camera gear for 8 mornings over a three week period. I spent 2-3 hours each morning watching, waiting and photographing these beautiful creatures. I learned their routine, rhythm, approximate time it would take them to return with a meal for the chicks and which was the superior hunter of the pair (it was the female).


Butterfly Catcher


In Summit County we are fortunate to have the mountain bluebird. The male mountain bluebird is all blue from tip to tail. Other species of bluebirds are much less so. On my last visit to the site, the last birdhouse to be occupied was empty. The chicks had fledged. But they were not far away. Instead of just 2 bluebirds flying about, now I counted about 5-6 of them. A wonderful sight.

Click the link below to view my gallery of mountain bluebirds, all taken at the Dillon Nature Preserve on Lake Dillon, Dillon, Colorado.

Mountain Bluebirds

Hope that you enjoy.

Thank you Bonnie Baker


~ by richardseeley on August 6, 2014.

4 Responses to “Mountain Bluebirds”

  1. Hi Rich Great shots! The family just arrived today for 10 days. It was a long day. In Chicago they sat in the plane for over an hour; then had to get off while they found another plane. They were delayed 2/1/2 hrs. Quincy, just a year old, was very wiggly! Carly and Ellie greeted the neighbor sisters, who are the same age. They’ve had lots of fun in the past. It’s great to have them here. Love, Doris Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2014 02:56:15 +0000 To:


  2. These photos are spectacular! Your patience definitely paid off. Hats off to Bonnie Baker!!


  3. Hi Rich, Those are really nice shots of the Blue birds, We had a few around the cabin last month but I didn’t try to photograph them. We went to Cheyenne for the big rodeo and I took a lot of rodeo action shots. Really was fun, saw 5 rodeos in an 8 day period. Three in Westcliffe and two in Cheyenne. Here are four pics typical of rodeo action. Rod


  4. Quels beaux oiseaux !! Magnifiques photos. Nous ne savions pas qu’il existait des oiseaux d’un bleu si beau. En France nous avons quelques belles réserves pour les oiseaux migrateurs (La baie de la Seine et la baie de Somme, parc du Marquenterre qui ne sont pas très loin de chez nous)


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