Bardarbunga, one of the largest volcanoes in Iceland (there are over 200 in this country the size of Ohio) started to erupt on August 16, 2014. There have been over 125 eruptions of volcanoes since recorded history going back to 874 AD. This recent eruption is no small event. The major airlines that fly across the Northern Atlantic collectively held their breath, waiting to see if the debris cloud would disrupt aviation traffic; such was the case back in April 2010 when Eyjafjallajökull erupted. Back then about 20 countries closed their airspace for 6 days, and over 10 million travelers were affected.

Fortunately, that has not been the case with Bardarbunga. This volcano has settled into steady discharge of lava and about a dozen earthquakes a day.

It has also provided the public with a wonderful opportunity to see the volcano up close.

While in Iceland in early October, my photography buddy Bob and I found a small airport that was providing flight-seeing tours over the volcano from the town of Myvatn. In a Cessna 206 (6 person airplane) we flew to the eruption site, made 3 passes, and returned safe and sound. Not only was the volcano stunning, the terrain and scenery were beyond this world (infact, parts of the movie Interstellar were filmed in Iceland). We flew about 1000 feet along the east side of the site and lava flows, close enough to feel heat on the windows.

Below are images and video (shot with a handheld GoPro camera) of the event. Hope that you enjoy.



Video Link





~ by richardseeley on November 12, 2014.

3 Responses to “Bardarbunga”

  1. Really quite an experience Rich. Wonderful pics. I got to go to the top of a volcano in Costa Rica while it was expelling smoke and ash and rocks but no lava flows. I’ll never forget that because it was erie and a little scary. Did you ever look at Elliot Porters portfolio from Iceland. I got to see his original prints in Santa Fe while in his studio just after they were printed. I almost bought his entire Iceland portfolio at the time but Jan said no. Today it would be worth a lot more than I would have paid for it.



  2. Magnifiques photos et vidéo, très impressionnant !


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