Golden Eagle and Road-kill

I am of two minds about this image. I love the opportunity to photograph a Golden Eagle on road kill right from my car window, but hate the thought of the numerous mule deer that have been killed by vehicles and the risk to the drivers that have hit them. Wildlife overpasses and underpasses across highway 9, in Summit and Grand Counties, Colorado have been funded and construction should start this year. Happy about that.



 Golden Eagle on Road Kill

Golden Eagle on Road Kill

~ by richardseeley on March 4, 2015.

9 Responses to “Golden Eagle and Road-kill”

  1. It looks like the Eagle is thinking, “Stay in your car Rich and don’t even think of sampling this deer.” I agree about the danger to drivers. I’m always cautious when I travel that road. BTW… nice capture. Love the expression.


    • I was surprised how long the eagle stayed on the carcass while I was across the road photographying it. I left before the eagle did because the fast moving, fly by traffic was making me nervous so I was unable to get a departing flight shot.


  2. Rich, you have successfully hidden the road kill to take the Golden Eagle.
    You must take the shots where you find them. Unfortunately roadkill is common, but your shot is as life really is. I liked the photo. Corkie


  3. Très belle photo. Jolie expression de l’aigle !


    • Thank you, Catherine. That eagle was starring right at me and was wondering if I was a threat.


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  4. “Don’t move, I eat you next, meat bag”


  5. Rich , I think the eagle was checking you out to see if you were edible.
    Nice eye level shot.


  6. Thanx Rod. Yes, eye level shots seem to have more impact than angled ones.


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