Home Improvement

How does an eagle land when its talons are full of home improvement building material? The bald eagle normally extends its talons as it approaches for a landing. So when it is carrying building material to the nest how does it manage? It’s a question that I had never thought about until I watched a bald eagle approach a nest with its talons full of grass.

Home Improvement

Home Improvement


It does an air drop. It drops the material into the nest as it approaches, thus freeing up its talons to land. This requires timing and space to land the material into the nest.  In this case our bald eagle dropped the material a bit too soon, and missed the nest! It must have surprised that bird on the branch just below the trajectory of the drop.

Air Drop

Air Drop


Landing in the nest is further complicated by the limited space that the eagle must have to maneuver. There are many branches and tree limbs that obstruct its landing. Dropping its payload is understandable.

I am happy to report that the bald eagle pair appear to be “pregnant”. The nest is constantly occupied. The eagles take turns sitting in the nest and hunting, a sure sign of eggs in the nest being incubated.

Proud Pregnant Parents

Proud Pregnant Parents




~ by richardseeley on April 7, 2015.

3 Responses to “Home Improvement”

  1. Very interesting observation Rich, I never thought of how they did that either.
    Where did you see these eagles? As usual your photos are great!


    • Rod, we are fortunate to have 2 active bald eagle nests within a 30 minute drive of our home. Just wonderful to be able to watch them frequently.

      Richard Seeley




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  2. Splendides photos Rich ! et commentaires très intéressants.


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