Osprey Mating Call

I am very fortunate to have 6 osprey nests within a 30 minute drive of my house. All appear to be active. I am able to observe at least one of these nests on a daily basis and occasionally even photograph them. It is always a thrill to see a pair return to a nest as a harbinger of Spring. They will settle into the nest, build it up with new nesting material to make it a comfortable home, then begin the process of starting a family.

Now I am not a voyeur, and osprey sex is not on the top of my list of events to photograph, but when this unique mating opportunity presents itself, I am ready with my camera as the images and video below will attest:


Approaching The Nest


Ready to Land

Ready to Engage

Chicks Under Construction

Chicks Under Construction




I am happy to report that at the last few observations of the nest,  it seemed that at least one osprey was on the nest continuously – a good sign that eggs may be incubating.


Stay tuned.





~ by richardseeley on May 19, 2015.

3 Responses to “Osprey Mating Call”

  1. Cute – and boy, he was quick! 😉

    Beth Hassinger Seeley



    ‘If we don’t take good care of this body, where else are we going to live?’

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  2. Doug noticed that she wasn’t even smiling. Of course I think it is that he forgot the foreplay and “afterplay”. Do enjoy yours pics. Have fun!! We have returned from our month in Europe and are headed to Westford today. We did not see Catherine and JC due to scheduling. She sounds excited about your visit. When will you all be in France? What fun. Talk about some great pics. love and hugs to you both, a


  3. Hey Rich,That had to be a thrill to photograph.Nice work.Rod


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