The American Elk

Bugle Boy

Bugle Boy – A bull elk bugles his readiness to mate and his frustration that the cows seem to be ignoring him

I have the good fortune to live in a location where elk herds roam. I have been able to watch them and photograph them in the nearby ranches in Silverthorne, Colorado. I can watch them from my balcony on the distant meadows of Ruby Ranch.  I have also photographed them in Rocky Mountain National Park (only 2 hours away), Yellowstone National Park, and in Jasper/Banff National Parks in Canada.

I am fascinated by these majestic, elegant, very large, captivating mammals. I  stay a respectful distance and photograph them with zoom lenses. They can be dangerous.  A frenzied cow elk thought that we were too close to her baby (we did not see the newborn calf in the grass, practically on the trail). Mother elk chased us around the RV park until we lost her behind an RV. I would not want to encounter a bull elk with massive antlers in the heat of the rut. Photographing from a vehicle is a safe strategy and one that I use frequently. However, occasionally, there are opportunities when one can photograph in the field at a safe distance.

Wapiti Watering Hole

Wapiti Watering Hole

Here I was photographing from across a pond, almost at eye level with this 6×6 antler bull elk. A safe place to shoot from.

Have a look at my elk gallery of images and videos taken over the years from Silverthorne, Colorado through Alberta, Canada:

Elk Gallery



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  1. Impressionnants ces hélans ! Très Belles photos.


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