Bosque del Apache Spectacular Sunsets

Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge (San Antonio, New Mexico) is known world wide as the wintering home of the sandhill crane and snow goose, where 10,000 cranes and 40,000 snow geese rest, feed and prepare for the flight north to their breeding grounds. But it is also know for spectacular sunsets, so I have been told. In my many past visits, I did not experience such sunsets. However, my last visit in December 2016, changed all that. Now, I have seen the light!

Bosque experienced three nights of vivid red and pink sunsets and stunning reflections. A wonderful opportunity for photography and videography.

Sandhill Cranes Roosting Sunset - Sandhill cranes arrive at the ponds and roost for the night just as the sun is setting. Roosting in ankle deep water protects them from approaching predators. Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico.

Sandhill Cranes Roosting Sunset


A few images from my last visit to Bosque del Apache in December 2016:

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But wait, there is more. Bosque is also known for some stunning sunrise reflections as shown in this video:

Click the link to view my Bosque del Apache images and video clips. If you see an image that you love, click BUY for a print or an image file download.

Link to Bosque del Apache gallery of images and videos

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~ by richardseeley on February 12, 2017.

9 Responses to “Bosque del Apache Spectacular Sunsets”

  1. Beautiful sunsets! I like Early Light Flight best.

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    • Thank you Doris.

      One of my favorites – Early Light flight. I will be submitting that one into a competition


      Richard Seeley


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  2. Squawking Cranes is unusual — and nice.


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  3. I’d never even heard of a javelina. Did you see that in TX? Did you know that my brother lives near Dallas now? We were there for Thanksgiving. I quite liked TX – expecially then when it was much warmer there than here. Hope all is well with everyone. hugs

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  4. Hi Rich,Beautiful sunsets and Crane shots. I think NM has the some of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen.Looks like you had a great trip down there.Rod

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  5. OMG Rich! These pics and videos are absolutely beautiful!

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  6. Thanx Maryanne. It was a fun adventure. Next trip is South Texas for more beautiful birds.

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