Mallard Moments

I have been going to Henry’s pond (by Pebble Beach in Rockport, Massachusetts) all summer to photograph mallard ducks. My objective was to photo-capture a mallard landing on the pond. I needed a male mallard (best color), landing towards me or parallel to me with my back to the sun (direct light), early morning or evening (best light), no more than 100 feet away (best detail), with no wind for a smooth water surface reflection, and in bright sun for a fast shutter speed (1/1600 or better). 

It never happened! After over 2 dozen trips and morning/evening vigils at that pond over the summer, I did get these photographs. It did not meet all of the criteria that I had set for myself, but by October, I did get one criteria that I did not think about – fall foliage.

Mallard in the Moment I

Mallard in the Moment I

Mallard in the Moment II

Mallard in the Moment II


~ by richardseeley on October 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “Mallard Moments”

  1. magnifiques couleurs de ces oiseaux si bien rendues. De la très, très belle photo.


  2. We bought Mallard Moment II. As a long time duck hunter, I thought it was a gorgeous photo…the fall foliage added appeal, because that also evokes hunting season. It will hang with pride in our home in Maine.


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